Tall Sedum – A Pollinator’s Dream Plant

Time to take an in-depth look at tall sedum. Many homeowners and professionals alike call it Autumn Joy Sedum after the popular variety. While this variety does tend to stand out, there are many more varieties of Sedum spectabile (Tall Sedum).  While it is now classified at Hylot
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Blooms For Butterflies

It is late summer and butterflies are beginning their descent to more suitable wintering sites. Many butterflies move northward in the spring from overwintering sites and then the following generations return southward in the fall. Some of these species include Monarchs, Painted Lady&
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Xeri-Pot Containers

The Xeri-Pot was a creation of mine during the summer of 2012 when the weather proved to be extremely dry and hot. It was so hot that the nights did not cool down, and often roasted plantings overnight. Annual plantings wilted and dried up quickly, providing for the opportunity to cre
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