Favorite Natives: A Look Through the Author’s Garden

Since I was a youngster, native plants of both the prairie and the woodlands have been with me. I hunted them in my family’s native prairie pastures and wandered the woods. They have inspired me more and more through my years. And now, I sit on the board of directors of the Kans
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Top 5 Plants for Pollinators – September

September is here and right around the bend is autumn. September is a month after my own heart, with my birthday and my siblings’ birthdays. We always had a huge party for the three of us, usually on Labor Day weekend. Summer was waning, but their was still a feel of excitement
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Blooms For Butterflies

It is late summer and butterflies are beginning their descent to more suitable wintering sites. Many butterflies move northward in the spring from overwintering sites and then the following generations return southward in the fall. Some of these species include Monarchs, Painted Lady&
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