Grimm’s Gardens is here to serve. We have ISA Certified Arborist Andrew Mitchell who can assess damage, pruning, and removal needs. We can help decide what is needed for your tree(s). If you are having problems with a tree or trees on your property, call us to schedule a consultation. Consultations within 15 miles of our Hiawatha location (includes Hiawatha, Falls City, & Sabetha) are $85 minimum and consultations outside of this range are $100 (includes travel cost) minimum.

Pruning & Removal

Here at Grimm’s Gardens we strive to provide you with the best services available. We offer full-range of tree pruning services including trimming, removal, and stump grinding. Our climber Casey Martineau is a qualified arborist who can prune and remove trees with precision and skill.

Fruit tree pruning is done by ISA Certified Arborist Andrew Mitchell. He has been involved with fruit tree care for over 15 years and is qualified to assess and prune any type of fruit grown in our area.

Please call to schedule an appointment or estimate for your tree care needs today.

Tree Health

We can help protect your trees in many ways.  Pin Oak trees can suffer from lack of Iron (iron chlorosis).  This is very treatable with injections. Sycamores and other trees can suffer from anthracnose; this can also be treated by injections (see video above). There are also many pests that can be prevented by injections and sprays. These include Emerald Ash Borer, Bagworms, Japanese beetles, and Spider Mites.  If you are concerned about the health of your tree, feel free to call us and ask for Andrew!

For more on tree care and tree health check out Andrew’s blog posts.

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Link to more info on Emerald Ash Borer: EAB

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