Statement of Grimm’s Gardens Goals and Philosophy:

Our goal at Grimm’s Gardens is to provide beauty through plants and landscape to those around us by providing quality plants and the best customer service. Our philosophy is God first, family second, and hard work will make us all successful.

In the Beginning

Doug & Jeryl Grimm began their married life in 1976 on a dairy farm five miles away from what is now Grimm’s Gardens. They purchased Grimm’s current location in 1984 and quickly began exploring other means of revenue besides livestock and row-crop operations. Doug and Jeryl began experimenting with hydroponic tomatoes. What started with one greenhouse quickly grew to four. Over the years Grimm’s Gardens slowly began to offer annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees. Each year these demands increased, until now we no longer have tomatoes.  

Today we are a diversified business. Our greenhouse and nursery provide many choice plants. We have vegetable starts for your garden including peppers, tomatoes, squash, and more. Our annuals and perennials have been carefully selected over the years to perform in our region. If a plant does poorly in our trials, then we stop carrying it. Our plants, if planted where they belong, will thrive in this ever changing Midwest climate.  

By far, we are experts at trees. We carry over 200 different types of trees and just about every shrub that will thrive in our area. We also have tree supplies such as stakes for tree planting, and tree wrap for protecting your tree from rabbits, deer, or winter injury.  

Through the years our business has evolved into one of the largest retail garden centers in the area. Grimm’s Gardens has expanded to provide landscaping, water features, tree care, lawn services, and snow removal.