Bi-weekly Service March –November

Want a landscape you can enjoy without the work?

Grimm’s Gardens Bi-Weekly maintenance service is the option for you! Includes weeding, pruning, deadheading, disease and insect control, irrigation diagnostics and repair, and lighting diagnostics and repair. Program runs for 9 months, broken down into 3 seasons: Spring (March-May), Summer (June-August), and Fall (September-November). Spring and Fall Cleanups included in estimate

Monthly Service March – November

For those on a budget or who want to do some of their own maintenance, monthly maintenance service is for you! Monthly services include weeding, pruning, disease and insect control, and deadheading .

Spring, Summer, Fall Cleanup

For those whose landscape beds have got away from them since installation, one year of basic maintenance can help catch back up. Or, for those who want maintain their own landscapes, but want some help with the major care, our three time cleanup package is the best choice. Spring cleanups include cutting back perennials and grasses, shrub pruning and rejuvenation, leaf removal, and plant consulting. Summer cleanups include leaf removal, shrub pruning, weeding, and perennial deadheading. Fall cleanups include perennial cutback, leaf removal, and shrub trimming.

Landscape Add-ons


Spruce up your landscape beds with fresh mulch. New mulch has a much richer color than mulch that has been in the ground for a couple years. Annually adding mulch to your existing landscape beds is important to reduce weeds, maintain soil moisture levels, and provide hiding places for beneficial insects. Mulch should be re-added to a landscape a minimum of every 3 years.

Annual Color Program

Liven up your landscape with the Seasonal Color Program! This includes design, planting, fertilization and maintenance of annual flower beds and containers.. Choose all 5 parts or your pick your favorites

  • Spring Color – Mid-March to May
  • Summer Color – May to September
  • Autumn Color – September to October
  • Bulb Planting – November
  • Holiday Creations – November to January

Flower Pots

Adding annual flower containers to your porch, patio, or landscape is a great choice for both commercial and residential customers. Plantings include Xeri-Pot© systems, spring, summer, and fall plantings. Container options can also include planting up for weddings, holidays, or special events of your choice. Our standard rate is for a 14” planter; however, we will do containers of all shapes and sizes!

Bagworm and Pest Spray

First we will scout your landscape for bagworms or other devastating insects that are feeding on your plants because we believe in only spraying when there is truly a need. This saves you money and also is good for the environment. After scouting, if the damage threshold (the amount of insects that cannot be controlled by cultural or environmental means) is reached, we will spray once with an organic pesticide. We will spray a second time if needed. We will manage your insect problems in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

Patio Sealed

Want to bring out the color in your patio or concrete edging? Adding a sealer will brighten the color and also resist dirt buildup for a cleaner and brighter patio. First we will clean the area involved with a commercial grade cleaner. The next day, we will seal it. Simply wait for the product to dry and it is ready to be used! (We must wait 60 days after installation before sealing pavers. This allows  the patio poly sand to settle in the cracks.)

Call us to have your landscape maintenence scheduled today! 785-459-2586.

Certified Aquascape Contractor
Certified Aquascape Contractor


ICPI Certified (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute)
ICPI Certified (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute)


Kichler Light Pro Premier Contractor
Kichler Light Pro Premier Contractor


NCMA certified (National Concrete Masonry Association)
NCMA certified (National Concrete Masonry Association)



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