Pears with Purpose

My daughter LOVES juicy, ripe pears. As soon as we get some from the store she devours them. But when I tell her our pears in the orchard are loaded with fruit this year, she wants to go an d eat them right now, not waiting until fall when then ripen. I too have good memories of a jui
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Planting Apple Trees

There is no experience quite like biting into a crisp, juicy, flavorful apple grown right in your own backyard! When I was a 5 years old, my parents set out 30 young apple trees in a plot behind our chicken coops. I watched those trees grow up, picked apples, pressed cider, and eventu
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Welcome to Autumn

This is most people’s favorite time of year. Seeing the leaves change color, picking pumpkins and apples, and scaring their friends on Halloween. While it may not be my favorite, I still love autumn for many reasons.   Autumn decorating is my favorite thing to do this time of yea
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A Story of Blue

There is nothing that compares to fresh, warm blueberries picked early in the morning while the dew is still shimmering.  These berries are a favorite among many who have made the trek to Grimm’s Garden’s blueberry patch in early July.  We have been picking blueberries for many years
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Growing Grapes in Your Backyard

Grape 'Concord'
I have long been fascinated by the beauty and production of a grapevine. Tendrils clinging to each other, supports, wires, and even trees assure that the vines will reach new heights to find sunlight and air circulation. My grandparents kept the old fashioned but wonderful ‘Concord’ g
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Peach Season

August is peach season! As a kid, I always thought the peaches should be ripe much earlier than they actually are.  I was always so impatient for those small green balls to grow big and turn bright yellow and red.  We have made it again to peach season and all the delights that come w
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Growing Cherries

Cherry 'North Star'
There is something strangely unique about tasting cherries off the tree in your own orchard. Most people are used to the large, sweet, Bing and Rainier cherries sold in grocery stores. They are always blemish free and look clean, but I have to wonder just what it took to get them to t
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DIY Fruit Tree Pruning

Winter Peaches
Mid-February is time to begin pruning your fruit trees! I have been pruning for two decades now and I am still learning better ways to prune my trees. Even the experts need to learn new tricks! I don’t own any fruit myself, but I care for my mother’s apple orchard, a privately funded
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What Will Grow Near a Black Walnut Tree?

Black Walnut trees are wonderful if you are a cabinet maker, eat the walnuts, or leave them as forage for wildlife, or use the husks to make a colorfast dye.  But if you are a gardener, they provide a challenge, to say the least. A toxic chemical, juglone, diffuses from the roots into
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Edible Plantings: Spice up your edible containers!

In the last few years, edibles have taken center stage in many gardens as people try to grow chemical free, organic food for their families. Edible landscaping has resurged as a major design addition in many home landscapes. The use of edibles in borders, adding fruit trees and shrubs
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Pruning Fruit

Another round of snow is on the ground and winter is really bearing down on us! Now you should be holed up in your living rooms, browsing through seed catalogs and dreaming about all the flowers of summer. Even still, it is time to start thinking about pruning your fruit trees and ber
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Pruning Blueberries

Proper Pruning Cut
Gather your tools and safety equipment and head to your blueberry patch! Blueberries are best pruned in early winter, usually January in NE Kansas and SE Nebraska.  We start pruning our blueberries at Grimm’s Gardens after the first of the year, before we get into peaches, apples, ras
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Outdoor Living Ideas: Bringing Children Outside

Lettuce growing in the landscape.
Children need to “Go outside and play!”, as our mothers often told us when we were youngsters.   The importance for kids to exercise and play outside has been proven time and time again.  Research collected by the National Wildlife Federation points to the outdoors for dec
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Common Landscape Plants with Unusual Edible Qualities: Not Your Typical Fruit or Vegetable!

Lettuce grows well in a rocked landscape bed if planted each year.
We all want a landscape that is easy to maintain, provides beauty all year round, and provides benefits for our families, right? What if we create landscapes that are even more beneficial to our families and to wildlife, where we could, in season, simply pick fruit right off the tree
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Aronia Berry Recipes-The Miracle Fruit

What do I do with Aronia Berries? (Find Grimm’s Garden’s recipe for freezing peaches!) These berries have a plethora of uses. Consider eating them fresh or frozen.  They make a great summer snack frozen.  Pies, breads, and other baked goods, salad toppings, jams and jellie
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