Peach Season

August is peach season! As a kid, I always thought the peaches should be ripe much earlier than they actually are.  I was always so impatient for those small green balls to grow big and turn bright yellow and red.  We have made it again to peach season and all the delights that come with it!

Fresh picked peaches can't be beat for flavor!
Fresh picked peaches can’t be beat for flavor!

If you are wondering how to use peaches, there are many options for peach recipes.  For the early risers, make peach pancakes for a healthy start to your morning.  (Tomorrow, add peach jam to your toast!)

Lunch could be peach tacos with peach salsa.

For supper, make a lettuce salad garnished with sliced peaches.  Grill chicken that has been soaking in a balsamic peach marinade.  Follow this with peach ice cream for dessert.  Better yet, deep fry some peaches (cut the core out and make them doughnut shaped) and serve with ice cream.

This may be a lot of peaches for one day but I think you get the idea.  My family had a tree in our back yard and it always produced way more than we could eat fresh.  Try these creative ideas if you get tired of eating peaches every day.

Make your peaches into jam.  These you can store until Christmas and then give to your friends and family.  It makes Christmas shopping a little easier on the pocketbook and is a great gift for school teachers and neighbors.

Freeze peach pie filling so that the next time you want to make pie, it takes half the time of fresh peaches but still tastes fresh! Peaches also freeze well for making smoothies. (Find my mom’s peach pie filling recipe here!)

So many peaches!
So many peaches!

Finally, if you still feel overrun by peaches, give them to your neighbors and friends so that they too can enjoy the wonder of home grown peaches!

Pick your own Kansas peaches at Grimm’s Gardens! Call ahead for availability- 785-459-2586. Also, consider adding a peach tree in a sheltered location to your yard to have your own peaches to share!

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