Red Sprite Winterberry

General Information

The Red Sprite Winterberry Holly is a compact ornamental shrub, extensively used for decorations, in the house or garden.  Hollies are known for their ornamental value and are most popular during the holidays.  When the leaves drop off the Red sprite in late fall it exposes the beautiful red berries.  This contrast against the winter snow makes beautiful winter landscape!  The berries the Red Sprite produces persist throughout the winter, even without the berries it has a lovely shiny green foliage.  This foliage will provide fall color when it transforms to purple-bronze in autumn.

Additional Information

The Red Sprite Winterberry Holly will grow to be 3 to 4 feet with a spread of 3 to 4 feet.  It is widely adaptable to most soils.  The Red Sprite will need a pollinator and we recommend ‘Jim Dandy’ for the best pollination.  Typically you will need 1 male to 10 females.  Fertilize in spring and summer with acidic fertilizer or a balanced tree and shrub fertilizer. 

Care & Shipping Notes

Prefers full sun and wet soil, but is adaptable. Pruning is suggested late winter or early spring, be aware that they bloom on last year’s growth or old wood.  If you trim severely, you will be removing the majority of your flower buds and will have poor fruit set for the coming season.   NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE IN THESE US STATES AND TERRITORIES: AK, HI, GM, PR, VI.  Also, WE NO LONGER SHIP TO CALIFORNIA due to Department of Ag restrictions on live plants.  

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