Rainbow Garden Zinnia Scatter Canister

General Information

Colorful, Carefree Rainbow of Colors!  These flowers bloom over a long period.  They provide a wonderful source of pollen and nectar for bees, butterflies and many other pollinators.  They are also great for cut flower arrangements.  The flower variety in this canister is the California Giants seed mix.  They can produce strong stems, reaching up 4 feet tall.  The flowers are quite large, growing up to 5 inches wide.  They come in colors of white, purple, orange, red, pink and yellow.  

Planting & Packaging Information

This seed canister will contain approximately 26.5 grams of seed.  It will cover a 400 square foot area.  The zinnia seed mixture typically grow best in full sunlight.  After the threat of frost has passed, the seeds should be scattered lightly over pre-loosened soil.  Cover with about a half inch of soil.  Once the seedling are well established, thin to 8 to 10 inches to allow for proper growth.  

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