DIY Holiday Wreaths by The Kansas Gardener

With Thanksgiving over and less than 5 weeks until Christmas, I like to finish my outdoor decorations off with a few wreaths. And since I am the Kansas Gardener, I love to use whatever materials I can find around me. In other words, no fake greens, berries, or seedheads, it is the real stuff for me!

I start my wreath making by collecting various greens, wild and cultivated berries, seedpods, and seedheads left over from this season’s growth. I do not care for the traditional wreaths of pine, boxwood, or holly, with a simple bow at the top-I like to mix many greens together with the berries and other materials, then add a homemade bow or cluster of pinecones on the side for impact. 


I then cut the greens to lengths of 6 to 10 inches long and place in baskets around my worktable. Tools needed for a holiday wreath include: a good pair of pruners (I prefer Felco #11), 20 to 30 9 inch cable ties, a wire wreath form (I prefer an 18 inch diameter form), and Wilt Pruf in a spray bottle. Once everything is assembled, follow the following steps to create your own holiday wreath. 








See 2 of my wreath creations below.





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