Plant of the Week: Alice Oakleaf Hydrangea

Alice oakleaf hydrangea is our Plant of the Week for the last week of June. Oakleaf hydrangeas are multi-season plants, with interesting attributes in all 4 seasons. Although they are native to the southeastern U.S., they are adaptable and grow almost everywhere.

About Oakleaf Hydrangeas

Alice oakleaf hydrangea flowers

These hydrangeas have the best ability to adapt to environments of any of the hydrangeas I have grown. I have put them in full sun or full shade; they perform with the same vigor in both locations. Plant them in masses, as border plants, specimen plants, or along the foundation.

In winter, the peeling, cinnnamony bark is an exceptional gift to the gardener. Once spring arrives, oakleafs send forth soft, gray-green foliage that matures to deep green in summer. In June, they send forth large panicles of pure white flowers. The flowers often fade to reds or pinks. As autumn comes in, the faded flowers give their glory to dusky purples and burgundy leaves.

Oakleaf Hydrangea Care

Alice oakleaf hydrangeas should be placed where they can get their maximum size of 8 feet by 8 feet. Oakleafs require almost no pruning, ever. They are slow-growing, 6 to 8 inches per year, but they bloom on the previous season’s growth. I just trim them as needed away from a house or edge of the landscape.

The only pest problems I have observed on my Alice oakleaf, is Japanese beetles. They attack and feed on the new growth at the top of the plant. I handpick the beetles every morning and evening until they are gone. Otherwise, there is no pest problems. This plant should be our National Shrub, if we had one.

Where to find Oakleaf Hydrangeas

You can go online to our webstore at to find oakleaf hydrangeas. Or you can come see me at our Open House or Customer Appreciation Day at the store outside of Hiawatha, KS. Or check out our selection anytime there or in Nebraska City.

Happy Planting!

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