Wheelbarrow Gardens

Do you have an old, broken or unusable wheelbarrow at home? Why not turn it into a planter or garden? I have come across a number of old garden and concrete wheelbarrows over the years. Using them for my miniature gardens has been a real pleasure. My mother-in-law also likes to plant succulent or herb gardens in them. 

Succulent garden in a broken wheelbarrow

When using a wheelbarrow for a garden, be sure it still has the ability to stand up or at least be propped up. You do not want it tipping from wind or weight. A few years ago, I had a garden tip over completely in a heavy downpour! Next, make sure water will not fill up the barrow–there should be drainage holes in the bottom and sides. 

Garden in a concrete construction wheelbarrow

I like to fill one-third to one-half the bottom with stone to take up room and allow for water drainage. Then I fill in with a good all-purpose potting soil mix, up to one to two inches from the top. If it is a miniature garden, I add things like birdhouses or fairy houses, large stones to act as boulders, and pieces of broken pottery as walls or patios. Then plants-lots of plants! There are lots of little perennials and annuals which work great in wheelbarrow gardens. I like vinca, thyme, sedums and succulents, spider plant, rosemary, ferns, licorice plant, and others for my wheelbarrow gardens. The best way to find plants that will work is to look on the tags for those under twelve inches in height and width. 

Garden cart miniature garden

Then…plant! After planting, I like to add a mulch or soil covering. Pine bark nuggets, cocoa hulls, sawdust mulch, pea gravel, marbles, seashells, and spruce cones all make great mulches for wheelbarrow gardens. When that is done, I add accents such as figurines, miniature garden furniture, miniature animals, glass insulators, and pinecones. 

Another miniature garden

Water everything in and you should be done!

Mini garden in a wheelbarrow!

Happy planting!

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