Watch for Fall Webworms

This time of year, as summer begins to wane, there are many insects both causing damage and pollinating late blooming plants. Now is the time to be aware of fall webworm, a web building caterpillar that feeds on deciduous trees of many kinds. However, they are most common on walnut, fruit trees, ash, honeylocust, and cherry in our area. 

Fall Webworms make their nest at the end of branches mainly on walnuts in Northeast Kansas

Fall webworms make their nests at the ends of branches of trees, unlike tent caterpillars which make their nests in branch crotches. While these pests are unsightly, they rarely cause any major damage to large trees. The best response is too either leave them to natural predators or to cut them off the tree and burn or throw in soapy water. 

Fall webworm damage is unsightly, but rarely causes major damage

Be aware of these pesky insects this fall and keep your trees looking good!


Happy Planting!

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