What to do about Valentine’s Day?


Every year, it is increasingly hard to think of new ways to give my wife things for Valentine’s Day. Over the years, I have made things and bought things.  I have made a jewelry box and bought flowers, earrings, rings, necklaces, and flowers. Being a horticulturalist makes the flower giving no easier. I cringe when buying roses and carnations that are just going to wilt and fade away in a few days. But it is the thought that counts right?

Roses are a typical choice for Valentine's Day
Roses are a typical choice for Valentine’s Day

This year brings me no easier ideas. I am planning a photo book of us with pictures of her favorite flowers. In other years I will still get her flowers and candy. But why all the fuss over flowers that fade away? Do we not want more permanent symbols of the love we have for that special someone? Should we not be planting gardens of roses and lilies? I think we should.


We all want a special place in our homes or gardens where we can go and feel secure, special, and at peace with the world around us. For my wife, that spot is her sewing room. She has all her crafty things in there, and despite the clutter of it all, she is most relaxed in there. I should be planning a remodel of the space or getting her a gift card to JoAnn’s. And I probably will. With flowers.

My wife's favorite - Star Gazer Lily
My wife’s favorite – Star Gazer Lily

No matter what you do for your loved one this Valentine’s Day, put some effort into it. A few wimpy flowers does not go very far. Take her/him to a nice restaurant or their favorite grill, let them order whatever they want. Let them know just how special they are to you and that whatever makes them happy, makes you happy.
P.S. If you would like to purchase rose or lily plants for your Valentine garden, check out our webstore or call our main office for more information.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Keep on planting!

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