Dishes are dirty, laundry needs folded, the baby is crying and there is company coming on Saturday!  Aah!

There are moments in each person’s life that bring on stress.  While I do not have a baby crying currently, I have watched my brother try to accomplish things with his seven-week-old son nearby.  It is quite the challenge!


My favorite therapy is time spent outside.  Time to unwind, de-stress, and regroup before starting at the list again.  I love to get my hands in the dirt, check on the progress of all my flowers, cut a few to bring inside, and smell the fresh air.  As the local chiropractor says, we need exercise every day, our bodies are meant to move.  This exercise is so good for our mental, physical, and emotional lives! I know when I am busy, the last thing on my list can be working out, but picking an activity such as gardening seems like less of a chore and more of a break from the rest of my busy schedule.



While I definitely don’t advocate ignoring important chores, it is good to have a few minutes each day to unwind.  You will be much more motivated to complete the tasks at hand after a small break.  Each person has his or her unique activities that are relaxing.  For some it is sewing, for others it is brisk walk outside.  There are many who love to tend their garden vegetables and herbs and others who can’t wait to see the next new bloom.  Whatever the case, be sure to take a little bit of time for your emotional health this week.


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