Prepping for Feathered Friends

As winter looms in the background, many of us gardeners who have cleaned our landscapes of wilted hostas, frozen daylilies, and dead annuals look forward to the influx of feathered friends that come to our landscapes in winter in search of food, water, and a safe place to spend the co
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Color the Yard Purple

Autumn is a time for color, lots of color. Just mentioning the word autumn evokes a sense of feeling of colors, of sweeping reds and oranges, brilliant yellows, and glowing bronzes. But what of the color purple? The color of royalty? It can be difficult at best to find something purpl
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‘Twas the Night Before Snowfall

‘Twas the night before snowfall, when all through Grimm’s Gardens, Not a plant was stirring, not even a grass. The trucks were parked and washed with care, In hopes that a blizzard would soon be there.   The employees were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of ice melt
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Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks Our world is filled with amazing things. We get to see the world change in full circle each year. From the deep snows winter to the sweet blossoms of springtime to the colors of summer to the autumn crispness and back to winter again every year. Many countries and people
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Bold Water Designs

Winter Stream
I struggle to sit still some days while browsing through water feature examples. I just get so excited that I want to go out and build each and every one! Combinations of water and fire excite me, and then images of frozen water features send me into awe. Some natural water features m
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Garden Planning Guide February, March & April

Winter time is the best time to plan and prepare for next year’s gardens. We at Grimm’s Gardens are busy with ideas and preparations for the upcoming spring season. From now until March 1st, we will receive many calls and emails from customers wanting to know if they can plant somethi
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What Stays, What Goes: Pruning Technique

Do you have a young tree, just a few years planted in your yard?  Maybe you have a medium sized tree that is rubbing against your house and making creepy sounds.  If you have either, you probably need to prune.  The question is, “Where do I start??” To begin: First you need to inspect
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Being a tree person leads to many different obsessions – fall color, fruit, shade, and bark. I first heard the term barkophile, not an actual word but very real, used at a conference in Iowa last winter.  It has been used to describe arborists and landscapers who seek out trees for th
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Plants that Look Great with Snow

Snow on Boxwood
#1 Interesting Bark Bark is less noticeable in the summer because it is covered by trees.  Winter is the time where plants like this river birch shine! #2 Red Berries #3 Boulders #4 Low Branching Trees  and #5 Perennial Seed Heads #6 Evergreens #7 Interesting Shapes
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