Small Trees for Small Yards

One of the most common questions we get in the spring is do you have small trees? They do not mean trees that will get big, but rather trees that stay small. These kinds of trees can be difficult to find and even locate in a landscape. Small trees are often just shrubs that have been
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Blooms on the Rise

Spring HAS finally come, and many trees and flowers are beginning to bloom. After waiting through snow and cold in April, we are going to have one great show of color, with many flowers blooming at the same time. Now is also a great time to plant strawberries and asparagus. For those
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Spring is Coming to the Prairie

March first is here and spring is right around the corner. New, green shoots of the tulips and daffodils are starting to pop up in the cold, wet soil. Hyacinths and snowdrops are starting to show color. The buds on the maples and willows are swelling, just about to spread open with th
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Harbingers of Spring

The winter months can be trying for any gardener, both old and new. With long, darkened days, frigid temperatures, and snow-covered landscapes, there is sometimes little for the gardener to do. We watch the birds, look through seed catalogs, and read. Looking forward to the first flow
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The Ohio Buckeye

The Ohio buckeye (Aesculus glabra) is not what most people think about when they think of spring in Kansas, or maybe anywhere. Most think of the bulbs of Holland, planted here or there in a landscape bed, or the redbuds of the oak-hickory woodlands of eastern Kansas. However, here in
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Redbuds in Northeast Kansas

The soft creep of green across the landscape has begun here in northeast Kansas. Along with it comes a flush of gentle colors among the trees and shrubs-the fluffy whites of flowering pear, American plum, and old fashioned spirea, the brilliant reds of quince, and the lavender hues of
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Time to Plant Spring Bulbs

Tulip mass around edge of bed.
One of my favorite parts of springtime is watching the spring bulbs suddenly appear and then flower.  There is nothing that says spring quite like a new crocus or tulip. This is the point where a little effort this fall will pay off huge dividends this spring.  I love cutting some blo
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Get out and enjoy the spring!

Spring is always a busy time of year. For me, it is filled with many houses waiting to be cleaned up with plants trimmed back, leaves blown out and ponds cleaned. Even with all the pressures of landscape cleanups, I still find time in the evenings and weekends to spend time enjoying t
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Spring Clean-Up

Crocus Bulbs
The first warm days of spring draw me outside to clean up the yard. As I do so, I am constantly looking for little sprouts of all the bulbs I planted last fall. If you don’t have any bulbs planted, make a mental note to do so next year. The rewards of a fall planting are so worth it!
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