Trees for Dads

What is it that you think about when you consider your dad? I think about trees and hammocks. My dad was a woodworker and loved woods of all kinds, but especially ash. It was his favorite species to work with. In his later years, one of his favorite pastimes was to sleep in his hammoc
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Western Soapberry

The western soapberry tree (Sapindus drummondii) is a great medium sized tree for dry areas. Native to the southern U.S., mainly Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas, as well as Mexico, this tree produces berries that can be used for soap.  The soapberry tree has small, round fruit which conta
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5 Shrubs for Shade

  My shade garden keeps developing, year to year. Since we bought our house in the woods, my wife and I have relished those large shade trees-but they make life interesting for a landscape designer. I have begun trialing plants in my garden to make recommendations for what we sel
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Groundcovers for the Garden

Groundcovers are one of the most important plants groups in the garden. They play a crucial role in retaining soil on slopes, they can fill large areas of shady ground where grass will not grow, and they can provide an unbroken expanse of color that helps tie garden areas together.  T
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Advanced Shade Gardening

Recently, a colleague asked about Japanese Forest grass. Personally, I have never seen it used in a garden, except in pictures. Once I saw the plant, I knew I would have to have some in my shade garden. Our new house is full of large trees and most of the front area is shaded. I plan
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Shade Gardening 101

Massing in Shade Garden
Recently I had a consultation to look at a stressed dogwood. While we were talking, the customer asked about shade gardening. He had several new perennial beds, but the west side of his property was heavily shaded and he needed planting advice for the shade. Since this is a common pro
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