Harbingers of Spring

The winter months can be trying for any gardener, both old and new. With long, darkened days, frigid temperatures, and snow-covered landscapes, there is sometimes little for the gardener to do. We watch the birds, look through seed catalogs, and read. Looking forward to the first flow
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Spring Bloom

Mid-Spring brings forth an eruption of color on all sides, from trees, shrubs, and perennials! Everywhere you turn there is a cacophony of color to enrich your life. Many of the best blooming plants in early to mid-spring are ephemerals and understory plants. Spring ephemerals are pla
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Redbuds in Northeast Kansas

The soft creep of green across the landscape has begun here in northeast Kansas. Along with it comes a flush of gentle colors among the trees and shrubs-the fluffy whites of flowering pear, American plum, and old fashioned spirea, the brilliant reds of quince, and the lavender hues of
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