Kentucky Coffeetree

Growing up in North Central Kansas, I developed a love for large, tough shade trees to give rest from the intense summer heat. Although originally a prairie, my grandparent’s land is dotted with trees they collected seed for in their travels across America. They had me identify and ca
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Diversified Prairie Plantings

I have been thinking a lot about prairie landscapes and using natives in our landscapes. For Father’s Day, I went hiking at the National Tallgrass Prairie Preserve by Strong City, KS. This prairie is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and there is always something blooming
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Planting Natives for Pollinators

Mourning Cloak Butterfly.
Each year I become more and more aware of the need to plant host plants for our native butterflies, moths, and pollinators. As a maintenance supervisor, I am one of the lucky few in our area that get to see landscapes transform through the year, as well as being able to evaluate lands
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Nebraska Native Plants

Growing up in North Central Kansas, I was always aware that Nebraska was only a short drive, but we never went there. I was made to believe from my peers and classmates that to like Nebraska was to go against Kansas. It didn’t help that when a kid I met from Nebraska, a big time Nebra
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Words from the Milkweed Hunter

Recently, I went hunting wildflowers in North Central Kansas, near the tiny villa of Huscher. My family is from the area and I have permission to walk the 100 plus acre pasture they rent out. While I was wandering through the native grasses and stumbled across a little thin plant with
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Prairie Plantings: Improving your Quality of Life

Button Blazingstar
There something so simple and calming about the prairie. Growing up in north central Kansas, I knew too well the heat and drought of the plains states.  Even in the shade of the wooded creek bottoms near our house, it was sultry and hot. Later, when I lived in Manhattan, KS, a quiet w
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