powdery mildew

Beautiful Beneficials: Lady Beetles

One of the most popular beneficial insects is the lady beetle or ladybug as they are so often incorrectly called. With more than 450 species of lady beetles in North America, both native and introduced, we should be well covered. However, many of those species are tiny, and only eaten
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Year In Review – Diseases & Abiotic Disorders

What a year for diseases! With a cool, wet spring, followed by a warm, dry summer, and then into a cool, wet August, we have had a myriad of diseases popping up in landscapes. I also saw a few abiotic problems on trees-damage done by homeowners unknowingly. We are here to help you lea
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Hedging in the Now

The widespread use of both formal and informal hedges in American landscapes can be traced back through colonial times and beyond. Formal hedges of boxwood, holly, and yew originate often with the well-known French and English castle gardens. Informal hedges of willow, Rose of Sharon,
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