Allée Plantings

There is something mysterious yet beautiful about a walk or drive lined with trees whose branches are intertwined at the top, forming a dense, almost impenetrable canopy of leaves. In summer, it provides shade and comfort; in winter it gives an eerie sense of something waiting around
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Landscape Design Process

Grimm’s Gardens is dedicated to beautifying the rural areas of Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, and Iowa.  Therefore, we offer a variety of services to our customers who are interested in adding some landscaping. Full Landscape Plan To have a landscape without all the sweat that goes into
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Landscape Walls

There are many different options for landscape retaining and sitting walls.  Check out some of the ones we have built! Native Limestone Limestone is a favorite for rural settings.  The natural stone has a rustic but chic look that can be used for retaining soil or as a place to sit ne
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Natural VS. Formal Water Features

Formal Basalt Column Fountain
Natural Natural water features are very relaxing. They are perfect for larger properties and properties in the country. They can be used in smaller landscapes or in town; however, they just won’t blend in to the surroundings as well as they do in the larger landscapes. Elements that m
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Bold Water Designs

Winter Stream
I struggle to sit still some days while browsing through water feature examples. I just get so excited that I want to go out and build each and every one! Combinations of water and fire excite me, and then images of frozen water features send me into awe. Some natural water features m
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Planting Natives for Pollinators

Mourning Cloak Butterfly.
Each year I become more and more aware of the need to plant host plants for our native butterflies, moths, and pollinators. As a maintenance supervisor, I am one of the lucky few in our area that get to see landscapes transform through the year, as well as being able to evaluate lands
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Celebrate the Season

Bubbling Rock
Summer is here and full of baseball and 4-H projects. Among all the hustle and bustle, take some time to ‘smell the roses.’ Or better yet, cut some off and bring them inside to your kitchen table! I always have fond memories of summer.  Summer means so much more than school is out and
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Spring Clean-Up

Crocus Bulbs
The first warm days of spring draw me outside to clean up the yard. As I do so, I am constantly looking for little sprouts of all the bulbs I planted last fall. If you don’t have any bulbs planted, make a mental note to do so next year. The rewards of a fall planting are so worth it!
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Landscape Maintenance: The Who, Why, What, and When

A well maintained landscape, with annuals
When friends and neighbors ask me what I do for Grimm’s Gardens, I have a difficult time explaining my job. As the landscape maintenance foreman, I have a job that entails much attention to detail, a vast knowledge of plant life and growth stages, electrical and plumbing maintenance,
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What is a Landscape?

What is it that makes a landscape a landscape? The Merriam Webster dictionary defines a landscape as an area of land that has a particular quality or appearance. We, as landscape designers define it further as a grouping of outdoor rooms which display various plant materials and are a
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Edging and Why We Need It

The other day I started on my fall maintenance in Seneca, KS with some long awaited edging work. Cleaning out grass from inside landscape beds is a chore I usually put off until cooler weather. By the time the summer heat of August is finishing, I am normally caught up on weeds and re
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Advanced Shade Gardening

Recently, a colleague asked about Japanese Forest grass. Personally, I have never seen it used in a garden, except in pictures. Once I saw the plant, I knew I would have to have some in my shade garden. Our new house is full of large trees and most of the front area is shaded. I plan
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Vibrant Viburnums

When I first heard Michael Dirr speak at Bailey’s Nursery in the summer of 2005, he mentioned two plants that every garden should have: hydrangeas and viburnums. He then went on to talk about the hydrangeas available for the market at that time. However, I prefer to talk about viburnu
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