lady beetles

Beautiful Beneficials: Lady Beetles

One of the most popular beneficial insects is the lady beetle or ladybug as they are so often incorrectly called. With more than 450 species of lady beetles in North America, both native and introduced, we should be well covered. However, many of those species are tiny, and only eaten
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Managing Aphids in the Landscape

Aphids are not something you want to find in your garden, and yet we all do find them at some point, unless you have created a toxic haze of chemicals around you and your garden-then you would not even have issues with neighbors. Realistically, though, in a well balanced, healthy land
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5 Tips for Autumn

The weather has been steadily getting cooler; the western portions of Kansas and Nebraska have had freeze warnings and even snow! It is time to prepare our gardens and yards for winter. Here are some great tips to get your autumn work going! Spend time with your kids! If you have kids
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