Japanese Beetle

Year in Review: Insect Pests

2018 was quite the year for insect pests. We saw a huge increase in Japanese beetle numbers, as well as a large population of grasshoppers. Lets discuss these and other insects seen this year.    While my viewing area is limited to Northeast Kansas and Southeast Nebraska, th
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Year In Review – Insects

This year brought a new look at some insects I had seen little of in the past, and some outbreaks of major pests. I love insects almost as much as I love plants and I love photographing them-though it can be difficult with just smartphone! I will not show the over 1000 photos of insec
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Watch Out for Japanese Beetles!

They have arrived!? Like a horror scene from an 80’s alien feature, the Japanese Beetle has descended upon my landscape. I hoped it would never happen, but living off a highway with frequent traffic between croplands and the industries of Kansas City has increased my likelihood
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