Lavender for Landscapes

Over the years I have developed a love for many different kinds of plants, from annuals to perennials and trees to shrubs. Among these I have found some outstanding plants that do well in a variety of conditions, among these is lavender. Lavender is a semi-evergreen, woody perennial f
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9 Steps to a Pollinator Paradise

I get a lot of questions, both here and from others about pollinators and pollinator gardens. What I say seems simple enough, most gardens are already geared for pollinators, because people like lots of flowers. Despite reports, there are very few flowers that are not attractive to in
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Time for early spring planting!

As March 17 rolls around, here in northeast Kansas, people are getting excited about planting in their gardens and landscape. While the weather may be a little cold yet for planting flowers out, it is an excellent time to put in those early season vegetables. By now, your garden has b
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