10 Early Spring Flowers for Pollinators

Spring is coming now, with a warm-up this weekend and thunderstorms. It is right around the corner and I am so excited to see colors in the landscape again. While I have been helping in the greenhouses, the outside world has been gearing up for the change. Birds are mating, the weathe
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Bleeding Hearts for the Garden

One of my all-time favorite perennials for the garden are bleeding hearts (Dicentra species). Bleeding hearts are a long lived, old-fashioned flower that blooms in spring. The foliage of most varieties collects nutrients for the next season, then fades and dies back in the heat of sum
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Spring Bloom

Mid-Spring brings forth an eruption of color on all sides, from trees, shrubs, and perennials! Everywhere you turn there is a cacophony of color to enrich your life. Many of the best blooming plants in early to mid-spring are ephemerals and understory plants. Spring ephemerals are pla
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