Year in Review – Annual Color Program

What a year this has been! We have had a lot of ups and downs with the weather, and a long dry spell through the summer. The annuals we put in have had to be tough and most of them looked awesome through summer and late fall. I did not get very many photos of bulbs and spring annuals,
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Renewal Pruning

What is renewal pruning? Renewal pruning is referred to as rejuvenation pruning; the severe cutback of deciduous shrubs for a response of new, succulent growth. This is done to a number of shrubs to promote better health, prolonged life, and better fruiting and flowering of the plant.
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Holiday Traditions

As Thanksgiving comes in, we begin to look forward towards Christmas and New Years, often overlooking Thanksgiving altogether. What does Thanksgiving really mean to most Americans? Since I was little, all I ever heard about was food, football, and family. I agree with the food and fam
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