Best Pollinator Perennials for April-May

Its hard to plan your garden for season-long pollinator provisions, but we still try. Early spring months of April and May seem to be the hardest (after March of course), with more trees and shrubs than perennials blooming in the landscape. Perennial gardens are the highlight of most
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Favorite Natives: A Look Through the Author’s Garden

Since I was a youngster, native plants of both the prairie and the woodlands have been with me. I hunted them in my family’s native prairie pastures and wandered the woods. They have inspired me more and more through my years. And now, I sit on the board of directors of the Kans
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Author’s Garden: Flowers of the Year

Welcome to my garden! Once again I bring from the comfort of your living room or office directly to my garden. This year, I am dividing my tour into 2 parts-flowers & gardens. First on the agenda is my flowers. Despite the weather in much of the area, my gardens received adequate
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