Plants of the Carrot Family

Carrot family members are characterized by umbel flowers (usually) and hollow stems. The flowers are arranged in an umbel, in which flowers arise on long pedicels (like the supports of an umbrella) to form a flat- or round-topped array of flowers. The small flowers usua
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Beautiful Beneficials: Crab Spiders

Spiders…Yikes! When I was a child I became terrified of spiders after having one run down my face in the bathtub. Still gives me the creeps. However, I have come to not fear spiders so much and revel in their existence more. In the house, they still bother me, I usually end up k
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9 Steps to a Pollinator Paradise

I get a lot of questions, both here and from others about pollinators and pollinator gardens. What I say seems simple enough, most gardens are already geared for pollinators, because people like lots of flowers. Despite reports, there are very few flowers that are not attractive to in
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