Beautiful Beneficials: Lady Beetles

One of the most popular beneficial insects is the lady beetle or ladybug as they are so often incorrectly called. With more than 450 species of lady beetles in North America, both native and introduced, we should be well covered. However, many of those species are tiny, and only eaten
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Watch Out for Japanese Beetles!

They have arrived!? Like a horror scene from an 80’s alien feature, the Japanese Beetle has descended upon my landscape. I hoped it would never happen, but living off a highway with frequent traffic between croplands and the industries of Kansas City has increased my likelihood
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Good Garden Insects

It is that time of year again when we start seeing all the insects popping up in the gardens. From bees to butterflies, caterpillars to beetles, I see a wide range of insects as I check landscapes and plants during the summer maintenance season. Many insects I prefer to leave alone, k
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