Author’s Garden: Flowers of the Year

Welcome to my garden! Once again I bring from the comfort of your living room or office directly to my garden. This year, I am dividing my tour into 2 parts-flowers & gardens. First on the agenda is my flowers. Despite the weather in much of the area, my gardens received adequate
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What To Do About Autumn

As the rain beats steadily against the windows of our office, I sit and think about the upcoming season. This is my 6th season as the Maintenance Foreman at Grimm’s Gardens, I look forward to even more to come. Autumn always brings about a relief and dread. I love to see the col
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Cutting Garden Favorites for Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day coming this weekend I started to think about the different flowers I could put into a floral display for my mother and my wife. My cutting garden is not ready yet, but I can easily find flowers among the other beds. There are not many flowers open for Mother
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