Holiday Traditions

As Thanksgiving comes in, we begin to look forward towards Christmas and New Years, often overlooking Thanksgiving altogether. What does Thanksgiving really mean to most Americans? Since I was little, all I ever heard about was food, football, and family. I agree with the food and fam
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Oh Christmas Tree!

Christmas trees have long held the world’s gaze. As early as October in many parts of the world and certainly in the U.S. you can find people putting up Christmas trees and decorations.  Many people, me included, stop to gaze at grand trees decorated with lights and baubles in every c
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Winter Evergreen Maintenance

This week I went to an old landscape along the Missouri River. It was filled with evergreens. Old, mature dwarf Alberta spruces, boxwood hedges, screens of arborvitae, and the occasional holly filled the landscape with green color year round. I was there to consult on the landscape-ma
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