Maybe spring is finally here…maybe. Yesterday I spent some time at one of our state’s many arboretums, hiking through the woods and ravines at the Overland Park Arboretum. With a guide and a group of wildflower lovers, we searched out the hidden jewels of the forest. In south Kansas City, spring has sprung, but like here, it is just beginning. 

Overland Park Arboretum

Look for the little buds on trees, the soft pale, green “creep” of the landscape as leaves unfold and flower buds pop. The redbuds are just beginning their show and so are the spring ephemerals. One of my favorites is the old fashioned bleeding heart, with its bright floral display dressed in hushes of pink. 



Rue Anemone blooming at Overland Park Arboretum


Old-fashioned bleeding heart

The Japanese maples are breaking bud and so are the buckeyes in the forest. Soon the whole landscape will be aglow with buds and blooms and bees buzzing! On the warmer spring days, look for bees and even a few early butterflies, such as the red admiral and the goatweed leafwing.

Red Admiral Butterfly on American Wild Plum

The birds are going crazy too. I have seen more new species in my yard and gardens than ever before. The cerulean warbler was by our “little lake” in Horton yesterday, and it is there I log the most bird species. This year I also have seen the rufous sided towhee, the northern shoveler duck, and the red-shouldered hawk. The bluebirds are in, nesting in my yard for the first time. 

Redbuds blooming!

Come to Grimm’s Gardens Hiawatha to see our new arbor, or the tree couch, or just stroll through the arboretum and gardens. Come see our plants!


Happy planting!

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