Hummingbird Garden Seed Packet

General Information

Beautiful flowers loved by hummingbirds in this bonus seed packet from Renee’s Gardens. The flowers provide beautiful growing season long colors to go along with the great spot for hummingbirds.  The included flowers provide different flowers and vegetation to provide the hummingbirds with a spot to feed and rest.  The flowers in this packet are Magic Beanstalk Scarlet Runner Bean, Summer Charm Nasturtium and Scarlet Flame Zinnia.  

Planting & Packaging Information

The seeds do well when planted outdoors after the chance of frost has passed.  Keep watered throughout the season for best growth and flowering.  The Scarlet Runner Beans grow best when climbing on a trellis, or some other structure.  The Scarlet Flame Zinnias are a mid-size plant and the Summer Charm Nasturtium a lower growing, mounded plant.  Great in a small or larger area in many different gardening areas!  

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