Cat Treats Gourmet Greens Seed Packet

General Information

The Gourmet Greens seed packet from Renee’s Gardens will provide a great treat for you cat!  These organic greens are enjoyed by all of your pets, providing a healthy meal they will all love.  The greens are sweet and packed with the vitamins and nutrients your pets need to keep healthy.  The organic cereal grasses in the mix are: rye, oat, barley and wheat grass.   

Planting & Packaging Information

This mix contains approximately 2250 seeds, with a weight of 60 grams.  The seeds can be grown in a container, typically 6 inches or larger.  The grasses tend to be fast growing, sprouting and growing a few inches within a couple of weeks.  Grasses can be cut and should re-grow vigorously a number of times.  

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