Butterfly Garden Seed Packet

General Information

Great assortment of flowers in the Butterfly Garden seed packet from Renee’s Gardens.  The flowers are very attractive to butterflies for feeding on the nectar.  They are also great for providing shelter and a place to rest.  The flowers provide great beauty for your garden or landscaping are too.  The flowers included are Persian Carpet Zinnia, Purity Cosmos and Crimson Queen Sunflower.  These flowers are in beautiful shades of red, yellow, orange and white.  

Planting & Packaging Information

The three included seed packets contain approximately 500 seeds.  The different height of the plants can lend to a few different designs.  The Sunflowers grow the tallest, cosmos at mid-level and zinnias the lowest.  These can be arranged in different patterns to attract the butterflies.  The flowers do best when watered regularly.  

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