Bur Oak

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The Bur Oak is a wonderful tree that will have a special place in your landscape.  There are many great qualities that this tree has. This tree can live 200 to 300 years or more, making a tree that can be enjoyed by many generations.  This is a large size tree, generally growing about 80 feet tall, but can in ideal conditions grow over 100 feet tall.  This tree has a huge canopy, providing great cover for birds and small animals.  The acorns of this tree provide a great source of food for turkeys, deer, squirrels and many other wild animals.  The acorns are large in size, with a cap that covers half of the nut with a mossy texture.  The leaves are large in size, 6 to 12 inches long, and have many rounded lobes.  They have a leathery texture and a dark green color, with distinct veins down the leaf center and into the lobes.  The tree takes on a very interesting gnarled shape, with very rough bark, providing interest all year round.

Additional Information

Quercus macrocarpa grows to a height of 60 to 80 feet, with a similar spread.  It is recommended for climate zones 3 to 8.  It prefers to grow in full sunlight.  The Bur Oak will grow best in well drained, moist soils.  It however, will adapt to a wide range of soil and moisture conditions.  This tree is a slow grower, 12 inches or less per year, making up for it with an extremely long life.  The tree may not produce a substantial crop of acorns for 30 years.  Oak trees can face some disease and insect issues, but if caught in time, can be cared for.  This tree is native to the Midwest and Plains states, making it an ideal tree for that area, with capabilities to grow in many other places as well.

Care & Shipping Notes

NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE IN THESE US STATES AND TERRITORIES: AK, HI, GM, PR, VI. Also, WE NO LONGER SHIP TO CALIFORNIA due to Department of Ag restrictions on live plants. Keep in mind that shipping size and height are an average of our plants and can vary by season.

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Mature Width 60-80 feet
Mature Height 60-80 feet
Light Full Sun
Planting Zone 3 to 8
Shipping Size 5-7 feet

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