Pruning Fruit

Another round of snow is on the ground and winter is really bearing down on us! Now you should be holed up in your living rooms, browsing through seed catalogs and dreaming about all the flowers of summer. Even still, it is time to start thinking about pruning your fruit trees and berry bushes. January and February are the best time to prune fruits for maximum production and growth. By pruning in the dormant season, you can easily spot dead and broken wood, crossing branches, watersprouts, and suckers.  Also, there is little fear of disease and insect damage from pruning in freezing temperatures.


The first thing to do before you go out to the patch is to gather your tools and make sure they are ready to go. You will need a good pair of hand pruners, loppers, a pruning saw, and maybe a chainsaw. Remember, if using a chainsaw, be sure you have experience and have the necessary safety gear on (safety glasses, ear plugs, & chaps) to prevent injury to yourself. It is important to have a good pair of gloves, long pants, and a tough coat on when pruning during the winter. If there is snow on the ground be sure and wear boots and sunglasses that double as safety glasses.

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