Plants that Look Great with Snow

Snow on Boxwood

#1 Interesting Bark

Peeling Bark
Peeling bark on river birches are wonderful in the wintertime.

Bark is less noticeable in the summer because it is covered by trees.  Winter is the time where plants like this river birch shine!

#2 Red Berries

Red Berries on Tree
This Hawthorn tree has beautiful Red berries!

#3 Boulders

Snow Covered Rock
Rocks covered in snow are very stately!

#4 Low Branching Trees  and #5 Perennial Seed Heads

Snow covered perennials
Low branching tree and perennial seed heads.

#6 Evergreens

Snow on Boxwood
Evergreens such as this boxwood are beautiful with snow!

#7 Interesting Shapes

Spiral Cut Juniper in snow
Winter snows bring out shapes as a focal point.

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