Plant of the Week: Karl Foerster Grass

Karl Foerster grass is our Plant of the Week for the first week of November. This perennial grass is great for its ability to stay upright and not flop in the wind.

Karl Foerster grass

Grasses are great additions to any garden for their easy maintenance and textural presence. The only maintenance they require is burning or cut back in early spring.

Karl Foerster was the 2001 Perennial Plant of the Year and has never looked back. This grass continues to be one of our biggest sellers and no wonder. It is the most upright, easy to grow, perennial grass we have.

Because it is not native, Karl Foerster is not utilized by grass skippers for their larvae. So there is no insect pressure, outside of grasshoppers. I have seen leaf rust on the leaves in extremely wet/hot summers, but no other diseases.

This grass is a cool-season grass, meaning it starts growing in early spring. The flower stalks are greenish turning to a deep, golden yellow. It is a nice plant for formal gardens, in massing, or mixed into a perennial border.

You can buy Karl Foerster grass online at Or come out to the garden store at 2991 Goldfinch Road, Hiawatha, KS! Or check out our store in Nebraska City, NE.

Happy planting!

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