Plant of the Week: Baldcypress ‘Shawnee Brave’

This week’s Plant of the Week is the Baldcypress ‘Shawnee Brave’. ‘Shawnee Brave’ is a fast growing tree that is adaptable to a wide range of conditions, from wet spots to well-drained. It grows best in full sun but can handle some shade when it is young. Plant baldcypress where you have a standing water issue, such as where a downspout of sump pump empties for the best growth. ‘Shawnee Brave’ grows 75 feet tall and 20 feet wide. It has dark green, needle-like leaves, that are more dense than the straight species of baldcypress.

Bladcypress 'Shawnee Brave'

I like Baldcypress ‘Shawnee Brave’ because it is fast growing, a nice soft texture, and looks like an evergreen in my landscape! – Andrew Mitchell, Grimm’s Gardens Landscape Maintenance Supervisor

Baldcypress has a very soft textured look that allows it to mix well into any landscape. Give it plenty of room to grow, do not plant it too near the house. Plant at least 40 feet from the house to prevent the roots from messing with the foundation or porches.

Baldcypress trees have very few pest problems. They are not plagued by diseases that other trees get. Only a few pests bother them, but are rarely bad enough to warrant treatment. Bagworms may chew on the leaves, handpick these pests or spray if necessary, with spinosad.

The Baldcypress is a great tree for many planting sights.  This tree can be planted in a wet, swampy area and it is also very drought tolerant.  A dark green needle-like leaf against an orange/tan exfoliating bark makes this tree very attractive in the landscape Nick Haedt, Certified Arborist at Grimm’s Gardens

Baldcypress turn orange-brown in autumn and the leaves drop off in October and November. Leaves are small and are easy to cleanup by mowing over them. It develops a strong central leader and does not need training. Plant ‘Shawnee Brave’ in your landscape today!

Happy planting!

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