Landscape Walls

There are many different options for landscape retaining and sitting walls.  Check out some of the ones we have built!

Native Limestone

Limestone is a favorite for rural settings.  The natural stone has a rustic but chic look that can be used for retaining soil or as a place to sit next to a patio.  Being native to the area, it blends right in to its surroundings and looks like it belongs.  Since the blocks are square-ish and very heavy, this is the easiest material to install and has the lowest price point.






Minnesota Boulders

Minnesota boulders are often used for shorter walls or for putting in tiered walls along a slope.  These boulders are a good choice for red brick homes or landscapes that have a Colorado feel to it.  These walls are a little more challenging to install and are our medium price point.





Segmented Wall Block

The common thought when a slope needs retained is to use landscape blocks, also known as segmented wall block.  These walls look best when paired with a formal setting or in situations where the wall is tall.  They are much more versatile than the native stone as there are many lights, water features, and fire features constructed to work with them.  They need several layers below ground to form a sturdy foundation and have several additional support structures (such as pins and interlocking backs) that make this our highest price point for walls.  The things you can do with this block, however, are astounding!

IMG_20150706_174534403 comp







All the above photos are of actual projects we have installed over the years.  Ready to start yours? Contact our Designers!

Learn more about the design process on our Design Page.

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