What can I do with my herbs?

This is a beginners guide to cooking with fresh herbs.  Use the following chart as a guideline to begin experimenting with new flavors in your recipes.  This is an excellent way to ‘spice up’ your favorite dishes so that they seem like new!Ornamental Onion, similar to chives.

Basil Magical Michael Annual Ornamental; use to flavor Italian dishes
Basil Purple Ruffles Annual Great addition to salads
Basil Red Rubin Annual Ornamental; adds zip to salads
Basil Spicy Globe Annual Use leaves fresh or dried; use to flavor Italian dishes
Basil Sweet Dani Annual Intense lemon flavor; adds zestful flavor to tomato dishes
Chamomile Roman Perennial Makes soothing, calming tea
Chives Onion Perennial Mild onion flavor; use to flavor stews, soups, salads
Coriander/Cilantro Annual Use in Mexican cooking, salsa & spaghetti
Dill Fernleaf Annual Use seeds & leaves for flavoring & pickling
Lavender Grosso Perennial Use as fresh fragant cut flower or dried potpourri
Lavender Munstead Perennial Use as fresh fragant cut flower or dried potpourri
Lemon Balm Perennial Makes a calming tea or add as a flavorful ingredient
Marjoram Sweet Annual Use fresh or dried to flavor meat, eggs, Italian & Greek cooking
Mint Spearmint Perennial Use to flavor candy & tea
Oregano Cuban Annual Heavy substance leaves filled with flavor and fragrance
Oregano Hot N Spicey Tender Perennial One of the tastiest oreganos ever!
Parsley Italian Plain Leaf Annual Use as garnish or seasoning
Parsley Triple Curled Annual Use as garnish or seasoning
Rosemary Annual Use needle-like leaves sparingly to flavor meat & sauces
Sage Bergatten Perennial Use to flavor eggs, meat, bread, soup, gravy
Sage Tricolored Annual Very aromatic – most suitable for decorative use
Stevia Annual 20-30 times sweeter than sugar cane; use as alternative to artificial sweetners
Summer Savory Annual Distinctive flavor adds zest to beans and main dishes
Tarragon French Annual Season vinegar, chicken, fish, soup, salads
Thyme Creeping Perennial Use to flavor meat, dressing, poultry; ground cover
Thyme Lemon Perennial Use for meat, poultry & fish cooking; flavor for pizza & pasta

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