Happy New Year!

It is the time for reflecting on last year and laying out the plan for a new year. Have you slowed down to remember all the joys you had last year? I barely have. When I do pause for a moment, my thoughts tend to remember big moments such as traveling, or family celebrations. I encourage you to also consider your habits of the past which are not so notable, but have a profound impact on your life (and you may not even know it)!

One thing I think about is the use of my free time. Do I come home, cook dinner, and then spend the rest of the time staring at the computer, or am I engaging with my family and my environment? Do I spend enough time outside? When I consider all the research that links health with nature, I am convinced that I need to get out more!

Yes, this is a garden blog, and as such, the first idea is to spend more time in my backyard garden and landscape. But it is more than the cliché answer plant a garden. It is the idea that by growing my own food, I will be able to save money on groceries. For those with a large family, the time spent with a garden can pay huge dividends. For myself, it is just my husband and I, so a garden offers us the opportunity to step outside and enjoy the evening air before coming in to cook dinner. It almost forces me outside daily. What a wonderful way to start a new habit! Not only will I be encouraged to pick fresh produce for cooking, but I will be eating healthier as well! Now, with that all said, I encourage you to plant a garden!

Sabetha, Kansas
Sabetha, Kansas

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