Locally Grown -The Freshest Fruits for Your Table!

Grimm’s Gardens has home-grown fruits waiting for you when you come! Enjoy the experience of summer in the country and pick your own delicious, healthy fruit for you and your family.  Be sure to check our home page for current availability!


Blueberries – Check back for updates, should be ready late June to early July. 


Blueberries have become one of the mainstays in our u-pick orchards, usually ripening throughout the month of July. They are incredibly flavorful, easy to pick (no thorns on blueberry bushes), and yummy to use in so many ways. One of our favorites is to wash them, lay them out on an absorbent towel until dry, and put in a zip lock bag and freeze. Then, they are ready to eat right from the freezer, just as they unthaw. Such a refreshing treat! We also have blueberries plants available in our nursery and online, so you can enjoy this tasty treat right from the bush in your backyard!


Peaches – Late July/August 

peachBRPeaches are the other mainstay in our u-pick orchard. We have grown close to 20 different cultivars of peaches and have weeded out the ones that were semi-cling or less flavorful. The peaches we offer in our orchard mature over a wide span of time starting in July and ending in August. Check out our post here on how to preserve and use peaches all year long!

Elberta is one of the first to ripen as we have an early variety. Following the Elberta’s we have some commercial varieties that are tagged “PF”, which stands for Paul Friday. Paul Friday was a man who developed many peach trees in Michigan. Glow Haven, Coral Star, Canadian Harmony, and Blushing Star, which is a white peach, are some of the varieties that pickers seem to think are the most flavorful. We have concluded that the variety that is the most flavorful is the one that is the ripest! We also offer most of these trees for sale in the nursery, so you can grow your own. Here is a post on using peach trees in your landscaping.

The orchard is located on top of the hill, and has been producing peaches very consistently for us year after year.