Fire Pits – Creating a Comfort Space in the Garden

We all want that sense of belonging and comfort to come from our homes, but what about in the garden? I believe that most gardeners are trying to create that comfort space when they create garden rooms. Adding a fire pit to the garden can help.

Fire in the garden or landscape has always been a focalized element. When you place a fire pit, BBQ grill, or just tiki torches into the garden, you attract people and create a welcoming spot. Mankind has always come to the fire at night for warmth, comfort, and light.

First fire in the Kansas Gardener’s garden


When planning your fire pit, be sure to place it far enough away from the house that smoke will not filter into an open window. You also must pay attention to low-hanging power or phone lines, and do not place it directly under trees. An open area, 15 or more feet from the house is best.

You may be able to add a simple fire pit to an existing patio, or have Grimm’s Gardens add one as you build your new patio. I would always recommend adding one if you are building a new patio anyway.

Fire pits can be made from a variety of materials, in different shapes and sizes. They can be built from stone, metal, concrete, or wall block. You should build yours to match other elements in your landscape, such as the patio, walls, or edging. I made a fieldstone pit to match the stones in my edging and walls.

Size depends entirely on your use of it. Are you planning large bonfires? Will you have lots of kids around to roast marshmallows? Or do you want a simple place to relax by the pool? I built mine 6 feet across to handle larger logs, but most people prefer one around 3 feet in diameter.

While most fire pits are circular, other shapes such as square, diamond, rectangle, and multi-sided can be used to match a landscape style or other element in the garden or house. If you are having trouble deciding what to do, call Grimm’s Gardens today for your design!

Gas fire pit with chairs
Gas fire pit with blue glass chips

Happy Planting!

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