GG has expertise in providing prescription environmental services for management of wetlands, range land, timber, pasture, right of ways, riperians, road ditches, and waterways. Our offerings also dovetail with storm and disaster recovery for removing damaged trees, debris and ecological restoration. Services we offer include prescribed burning, invasive tree and plant control, grubbing, tree sawing and shearing, brush management, wet disking, seeding, and spraying. Our clients include federal and state agencies and private landowners.

Our prescribed burning practices include preparing necessary burn plans, installing fire breaks, notifying land owners and government officials, mobilizing equipment and crews, executing “the burn”. Our personnel include two fire bosses and six trained crew members. Equipment includes two UTV’s with sprayers, one ATV and sprayer, two 4×4 trucks with 300 gal tanks and 300 foot hoses, 1500 gallon tanker, drip torches, blow torch, back pack sprayers, flappers, shovels, fire suits and breathing apparatus, brush hog, disk, two-way communication and GPS handhelds.

Our extensive experience and specialized equipment allow us to provide a broad range of tree and woody species management to fit your specific need. Our equipment lineup includes CAT track skid steers with a variety of attachments including a turbo-saw with attached stump sprayer for allowing for quick removal of trees from 1 to 40”. This application is used when stump removal is not necessary and the tree can be efficiently removed. Situations that require the rootball and stump to be removed we use specialized grubbing attachments ranging from skid steer machines to 50,000 lb hydraulic excavators. These grubbers remove the stump of the tree with minimal ground disturbance. This application is ideal for CRP ground being prepared for production or WRP land to be reseeded to native grasses. We have a four grapple attachments to allow for quick and efficient stockpiling and removal of slash and debris.

The agriculture background our company has been built on makes tasks such as disking, seeding and spraying second nature to our business. We have adapted our equipment to be useful in wet and dry conditions including tracked UTV’s and specialized disking equipment to handle most conditions.
Our experience of managing projects ranges from tree clearing over 2800 acres on a military base to spraying one acre of invasive grass in a spot application. The attention to detail on projects large and small for a broad spectrum of agencies and individuals has built a core of satisfied clients and bolstered our reputation. We welcome your contact for opportunities to grow these services and improve the ecological conditions on properties you are responsible for.