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Plant of the Week

Starting in March, we will be showcasing a different plant of the week, each week until mid-November. Our team has picked from their favorite annuals, perennials, grasses, shrubs, and trees. We have also decided to showcase some of our best sellers and some award winners as well.

I tried to format each week’s plant pick to match it’s best season of interest. Therefore, our first plant is Redbud ‘The Rising Sun’ which is a March-April bloomer. In summer you will meet summer-flowering perennials and annuals. In autumn, you will meet the best foliage and late bloomers.

I have chosen to give you the best attributes of these plants, as well as maintenance and growing needs. I have also discussed pollinator potential and any pest problems that are noteworthy.

Some of the perennials chosen by us are Perennial Plant of the Year winners. Even though we all have different likes and dislikes among plants, there are some that are just outstanding, and we recognize those. ALL of these coming plants you can find at our garden center locations and most of them are online as well.

I hope you will enjoy reading about these plants as much as I enjoyed writing about them. Starting March 4th, check out the blog for the first Plant of the Week. Our regular blog posts will continue on Thursdays as normal.

Happy planting!

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