Celebration of Flowers

With the 4th of July and the 245th Celebration of the United States coming in just 2 days, I am going to start off July with a celebration of flowers! Instead of long paragraphs of information (useful I know), I am just showing you the up to now best photo shots of 2020. Enjoy!

Snowdrops blooming
Snowdrops in early March were the first blooms I saw in the garden
Bloodroot blooming
Bloodroot blooming along a hiking trail in Atchison County, KS. These early spring bloomers are a member of the ephemerals.
Pasque flower blooming
Pasque flower is a native perennial, often grown in gardens for its lacy foliage and striking blooms.
Blueberry blossom with ants
Blueberry blossoms are unique and difficult to pollinate by honeybees and bumblebees. Native blueberry bees do the best job of pollination. Ants can also perform this service.
Rose verbena blooming
Rose verbena is an excellent groundcover for full sun locations. The pink blossoms continue to bloom and rebloom through the heat of summer.
Orange poppy blooming
There may be nothing more striking than the bright orange blooms of a poppy. Poppies are biennials, meaning they grow leaves and roots the first year, then blooms and set seed the second year.
Honeybee on bearded iris
Finding a honeybee on an iris was an amazing sight. I had just began to think that my bearded iris collection was a waste of space. Now I want to plant more!
Grape honeysuckle blossom
Grape honeysuckle is a rare native plant in Kansas. This vining honeysuckle can be found growing along the bluffs in Doniphan County. In other states it is not so rare.
Blue wild indigo blooming
The blue wild false indigo is the Kansas Native Plant Society’s Plant of the Year for 2020. This perennial makes a great addition to a cut flower garden, and there are many cultivars available.
Pink Parfait Siberian Iris blooms
New in my garden last year, Siberian Iris ‘Pink Parfait’ was an outstanding performer! I love the double lavender blooms that just stand out above the dark green foliage spikes.
double flowering white clematis
Who does not love double flowering white clematis? I saw these blooming in Nebraska City at the Wyldwood Victorian Garden and had to snap a quick photo.
yucca blossoms close up
Who knew yucca blossoms could be so spectacular. When visiting Coronado Heights in McPherson County, Kansas, I was overwhelmed by the number of these awesome blooms. And the bees love them too!
Lewis flax blooming
Lewis Flax was named by Merriweather Lewis on his famous journey into the Louisiana Purchase. These delicate blue flowers seem to dance above slender stems in just a few locations in Kansas.
Nipple cactus blossoms
Nipple cactus blossoms are like so showy above the spiny shapes of the cactus, you often wonder why the flowers do not have spines as well? Seen here in the Smoky Hills of Central Kansas.
Purple meadow-rue blooms
I cannot recall a smaller, more delicate flower than those of Purple meadow-rue, a native woodland and wetland edge flower.
Japanese tree lilac bloom
The fluffy white blooms of the Japanese tree lilac are great for attracting a large number of pollinators. Blooming in June, these small trees are great for any landscape in Zones 4 to 7.
Brown-belted bumblebee on beebalm
Beebalm is a popular flower for roving bumblebees, such as this brown-belted bumblebee seen here.

Happy 4th of July and Happy Planting!

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