Blooms on the Rise

Spring HAS finally come, and many trees and flowers are beginning to bloom. After waiting through snow and cold in April, we are going to have one great show of color, with many flowers blooming at the same time. Now is also a great time to plant strawberries and asparagus. For those who were wondering if their asparagus was dead from the cold – just wait, it is just starting to rise after the cold. The rain yesterday will help speed it along.


Strawberries can be planted in tubs, in raised beds, or in large rows and patches in the garden, They also make a nice filler in the mulched landscape bed among the taller perennials. Strawberries will bloom and produce before the perennials get too tall and shade them. There is nothing like the sound of discovery as children finding a fresh strawberry on the edge of landscape bed. 

Asparagus is most often planted in rows or blocks by itself on the edge of the garden or in an island in the grass, but it can also be used in the landscape as an ornamental after you have picked what you want. I planted ‘Purple Passion’ asparagus in my garden for a feathery texture among my shade loving plants. 

Asparagus is both edible and ornamental

If you are looking to add some amazing color and blooms to your yard, along with edible fruit and winter characteristics, look no further than ‘Peppermint Twist’ weeping peach, a great stunner for any landscape! This little peach packs a punch! The blooms are white with pink or pink with white striping. The branches are twisted and curly, with a weeping habit. In full bloom, this peach catches the eye. And it has peaches in mid-summer!

Peppermint Twist peach is awesome in the landscape!

Come out to Grimm’s Gardens Hiawatha location this Saturday for hot dogs and to see our blooms!


Happy planting!

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